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Artist Leah Jordan
Leah is a British artist based in Plymouth, UK. Jordan’s work is strongly influenced by her feminist views and explores her relationship with her body. The Artist has used print, sculpture, performance and photography throughout her work and her practice continues to develop.
Jordan’s most recent work has used typically ‘female’ materials such as fabric, stitch and clothing to create soft sculptures of female bodies and body parts. These sculptures often have exaggerated and distorted features with large thighs, stomachs and breasts. These exaggerated features highlight the areas of ‘issue’ the artist has with her body and the warped perception she has of her appearance. Struggling with her weight for years, and being insecure with the way her body looks, inspired Jordan to explore her body image through her practice and in turn, the pressure women can feel to be a certain weight or look a certain way.



Artist Hyeojae Han

Hyeojae is from Seoul, Korea. She uses various materials and media to express her art. Her art is a story that divided into two phases. In the beginning, she mainly expressed the fundamental insecurity of human beings and the inconsistency that would arise when things are different from their essence and usage. And now she is showing her life through cartoons. It is to express in writing and drawing what she feels in her daily life from the perspective of single mother.

Since, single mother is different from what Korean society thinks of as a normal family. Of course they have a lot of prejudices against single mothers. In her society, people expect a lot from her when she says she is raising a child alone. She cannot deny that a child is an important being and turning point for her. But she is just an ordinary person who is neither unhappy nor great, nor has great maternal love. Her cartoons are the most effective way to present them.