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Organiser 主辦: TongLau Space 唐樓
Contact 聯絡:852 28270477

Venue : TongLau Space 唐樓
地點: 2/F 48 Flower Market Road 花墟道 48號 2/F

Exhibition Date/ 展覽日期 – 27-28/9 2018
Opening Hours/ 展覽時間 – 5:00 to 8:00 pm
Opening Reception/ 開幕酒會- 27/8 7:00 to 9:00pm

About Artists:

Artist Leah Jordan
Leah Jordan is a British artist based in Plymouth, UK. Jordan’s work is strongly influenced by her feminist views and explores the female body. The artist had used print, sculpture, performance and photography throughout her practice, but most commonly uses textiles in her work.
“Beauty in Hong Kong” compares the views of women living in Hong Kong, collected via survey, and the media surrounding women’s bodies, seen in magazines and advertisements, to highlight the realisation that the standards set by the media are unrealistic goals for women.

Leah Jordan是一位英國藝術家,居住在英國的普利茅斯。Leah的作品受到女權主義觀點的強烈影響,並探索當下女性的身段。她在整個創作過程中使用過印刷,雕塑,表演和攝影等媒體,而紡織品是她經常運用在她的作品中。
“Beauty in Hong Kong” Leah通過問倦調查,收集身處香港女性對此命題的觀點,以及從各種媒體,如雜誌中看到有關針對女性身段的廣告等; 來強調媒體制定的標準對女性來說是不切實際的目標。

Artist Hyeojae Han
Hyeojae is from Seoul, South Korea. She uses various materials and media to express her art. She shows her daily life from the perspective of a single mother through cartoons.
In South Korea, there are many prejudices against single mothers. When people know that Hyeojae raises children alone, they have high expectations for her. Hyeojae believes that coming to Hong Kong to participate in the artist residency program is an important experience for her. She can spend her own time on making artwork without taking care of her son. Paradoxically, her son is also the biggest motivation of her creation. Every child she saw in Hong Kong could find the shadow of her son. She cannot deny his importance to her own being and is a turning point of herself.

在韓國,對單身母親有許多偏見。當人們知道Hyeojae獨自撫養孩子時,他們對她抱有很高的期望。 Hyeojae認為,來香港參加藝術駐留計劃對她來說是一次重要的經歷;她可以把自己的時間花在創作上而不需要照顧兒子。矛盾的是,同時激勵她創作的也是她的兒子;她在香港看到的所有孩子,都能找到她兒子的影兒。她不能否認他對她自身存在的重要性,他也是她人生的轉折點。