Exhibition Opening Reception

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SunheeKim Jung (America), Frankie Chow (Australia) and TongLau Space invite you to the June exhibition! Two artists present what they have been up to for the past few weeks in Hong Kong. Come and see what inspired them for this art project? How did the creations come up? Listen to what they think of their residency program in Hong Kong.

SunheeKim Jung (美國), Frankie Chow (澳洲) 和”唐樓”邀請你參與六月份展覽!兩位藝術家將展示他們在過去幾週在香港所做的作品。什麼啟發了他們的創作?創作過程如何?來聆聽他們對這次在香港藝術駐留計劃的體驗吧!

Organiser 主辦: TongLau Space 唐樓

Contact 聯絡:852 28270477

Venue 地點:
2/F 48 Flower Market Road 旺角花墟道48號2樓

Opening Hours 展覽時間:
29/6 Fri – Opening Reception 開幕酒會 6:30-9:00pm
30/6 Sat – Exhibition 展覽 12:00-7:00pm

About the Artists:

SunheeKim Jung live in Maryland, Washington, DC. She attended Corcoran College of Art & Design for her Bachelor of Fine Arts and attained her Master of Fine Arts at American University in Washington DC.
Her works are mostly of oil paintings. She painted lots of plants with images of bones and fetus within the leaves. Humans need the existence of plants and that fact influenced her earlier paintings. After she started teaching Color theory at the Anne Arundel Community College and her life experiences, color is the focus of her work to convey her emotions ranging from despair to delight.

SunheeKim Jung 生活在華盛頓特區的馬里蘭州。她曾就讀於Corcoran藝術與設計學院,獲得美術學士學位,並在華盛頓特區美國大學獲得美術碩士學位。
她的作品主要是油畫,她早期的繪畫帶有許多骨骼和胎兒圖像的植物,表現人類需要植物而存在。從她在Anne Arundel 社區學院教授色彩理論,和經歷她自身的生活經驗之後,色彩是她的創作重點,以表達她從絕望到欣喜的情緒。

Frankie Chow is a conceptual artist from Sydney, Australia. Chow graduated Honours at Sydney College of the Arts in 2014 and completed artist residencies in Haukijärvi, Finland and Broken Hill, Australia. Working mostly in performance, video, and installation, her practice examines time perception and social and cultural themes using endurance, fear, and other methods of psychological influence.

Frankie Chow是來自澳大利亞悉尼的概念藝術家。周氏於2014年在悉尼藝術學院畢業,並在芬蘭Haukijärvi和澳大利亞Broken Hill完成藝術家駐留。主要從事表演,錄像和裝置工作,她的實踐使用耐力,恐懼和其他心理影響方法來檢查時間感知和社會及文化主題。

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