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Opening Hours 展覽時間:
28/7 Sat – Opening Reception開幕酒會 4 : 00 – 7 : 00 pm
Artist Talk and Discussion Session 藝術家對談分享會 5 : 00 pm
29/7 Sun – Exhibition 展覽1: 00 – 7 : 00 pm

About the Artist:

Fidelia Lam is an experimental conceptual artist that imagines new possibilities for the intersections of identity, space, intersubjectivity, and technology through experimental multimedia performance and installation works. More specifically, she examines digital technology, Asian/American identity, and everyday performance in both physical and digital spaces, experimenting across mediums to combine theoretical work with creative practice. Her work often attends to the overlooked, intimate, and mundane spaces and moments that are shared collectively but experienced singularly.

Fidelia from Vancouver Canada, she has presented and exhibited performances and installations internationally in Canada, the United States, and Europe. She holds an MA from the University of Michigan and is currently an Annenberg Fellow in Media Arts + Practice at the University of Southern California.

Fidelia Lam是一位實驗性概念藝術家,通過實踐多媒體表演和裝置作品,想像出身份、空間、主體間和科技等的交叉可能性。具體而言,她細察了數字科技、亞洲人與美國人的身份,以及物理和數字領域的日常表現,再通過各種媒體進行實驗,將理論工作與創意實踐相結合。她的作品所關注的論題包括被忽視、親密與平凡的空間;和一些集體共享的空間和時刻,但卻是獨特的經歷。


About the project:

This is a multimedia work that includes audio, visual projection and installation.

Uncovers the embodied and affective nature of existing between – between cultures, generations, language, and geographies – and uses aspects of the artist’s familial relationships, her hometown of Vancouver, BC, and her parents’ hometown of Hong Kong to examine themes of family, intimacy, and alienation.

The work was created during a month-long residency at Hong Kong’s TongLau Space, and unfolded as a process of the artist’s desire to re/connect with her family’s Hong Kong


揭示了文化,世代,語言和地理之間現存的具體和情感的本質 – 並使用藝術家家庭關係,就是她的家鄉溫哥華卑詩省,和她父母的家鄉香港來審視家庭、親密和疏離的主題。

這個作品是在香港「唐樓」TongLau Space藝術家駐留計劃期間長達一個月的創作,也展示了藝術家渴望與香港的家人重新聯繫的過程。

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