Toyism is a group of professional mural painting artists from Nertherlands. We are very glad to collaborate with them for the Noah’s Ark mural painting project at Kei Faat Primary School (YT) in October 2018.



Toyism is a contemporary art movement that originated in the 1990s in the Netherlands. The word symbolises the playful character of our artworks and the philosophy behind it. And the suffix ‘ism’ refers to motion or movements. The game of toyism is a serious matter that shows a new, critical and sensitive perspective on our present-day world.

Just like the Cobra movement formed at the end of the 1940s, the toyism art movement seeks to plug into the experiences of children, while indirectly also appealing to all adults.  A new type of artist surfaced during the nineties of the past century. Artists were expected not only to exploit artistic talents but also to act as entrepreneurs.


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