June OS2

Residency Artist – Abigail Clemens has spent much of life trying to make sense of her experiences on the fringe of Eastern and Western culture as an interracial White-Chinese person. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the meals she eats have always given her the most insight to who she is. Her work with the TongLau Space is an extension of her work encompassing intersecting identities through food. Hong Kong’s food culture, which has many international influences and historical ties to colonialism, are depicted in her paintings and sound installation piece to reflect the wholeness that can be born from a sum of disparate nationalities and ethnicities.

Abigail is sharing her halfway through residency project to friends!

Residency Artist – Josie Rae has been photographing sites that reflect various states of animation and industry. Focusing on density, abundance and manmade and natural instances of organised chaos, she often examines what she finds through magnification, staining and inversion. Influenced by microscopic methods, she has begun using risograph printing to flood an image with a ‘false’ colour palette, in order to reveal an image’s latent properties, its optic unconscious. This choice has been informed by observing how mechanical reproductions around the city – signage, posters and flags, become degraded and ‘inanimated’ as they are bleached by the sun and desaturated by time.