Artist Sunhee Kim Jung


Sunhee is a Korean-born American Artist. Sunhee is known as a painter of lush landscapes that express provocative ideas, beliefs, and feelings about life and death, loss and rebirth. Coming to the US at the age of 22, she has very special memories and experiences as a Korean American. She always wanted go back to the homeland due to being homesick but she really enjoyed living in Maryland at the same time.   She has a positive perspective on life and her art is influenced and inspired at each moment by passion and emotional sense. Those conflicts became one of the characteristics of her artwork that evokes emotions.   She is working on a series of paintings and drawings highlighting nature scenes with some iconic images. Colors and forms of nature hold the power to heal the hurt.

Jung has been selected by the US Department of State’s Art in Embassy Program for the third time. Four of her paintings will be shown at the American Embassy in Rangoon, Burma in 2016-2018. She plans to take part in a four person exhibition at Artbox Gallery in Zurich, Switzerland in October 2018.


Artist Frankie Chow

FrankieChow ProfileFrankie based in Sydney, Australia, she is a conceptual artist working primarily with video and performance, she often experiment with physical and mental endurance to process the limits of the human mind and body. Lately, her works look at psychological methods that can magnify or manipulate the atmosphere of a time and place. She is interested in examining the symbiotic relationship between fantasy and reality, particularly with traits of Surrealism and the uncanny, and the effects of the spectacle in mass media on audience psychology and the physical world. Recent works that began on an artist residency in rural Finland in 2016 became a recurring project in which she immerse herself in a state of anxiety, fear, and/or paranoia as a method to induce creative drive.

Residency Life

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