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Residency artist Howard C Willis JR.65632891_710218566097927_8038611097869090816_n

Howard is an art educator from Columbus Ga. who is finishing his masters of art education at Columbus State University. His art is focused on the multicultural aesthetic, and he enjoys meeting and painting people from different countries. His painting style uses warm, high key colors to visually describe cultures and uses the portrait to give personality to his subjects. He also is interested in storytelling with his artwork and uses painting as a medium to tell stories.



Residency artist Frida Ge.

65903286_711218882664562_966956597580398592_nFrida (Chinese, b. 1993) is a Melbourne-based emerging contemporary painter. After Ge received her bachelor degree in Architecture, she recently completed MFA at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. By observing in everyday social situations, Ge tries to capture the fleeting and ambiguous nature of the interactions within her unique expressive visual style. Rather than representing the reality, her work emphasizes emotions and highly subjective perceptions by painterly abstraction and expressive brush marks .

June and July 2019 residency artist Abigail Clemens (Bio in June page)