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Artist Charles Schriver


Charles from Chicago USA. Charles believes art is not meant to last forever and that it only remains in time for a fleeting moment.  His street sculpture/relief murals are created into the base of boarded-up buildings, construction sites, and other temporary architectural structures.  Each relief mural is spontaneously built on site so that it is capable of bringing a smile to the face of a passer-byer and so it can stealthily create its own unique story.  His process of arranging ordinary wooden shapes onto barricades has become very special to him. His name is Charles Lewis Schriver and he strives to have active engagement and interaction with the people of his community.  The world.

Artist Kristone Capistrano

CYR_6448 (1)

An artist from Sydney, Australia. Kristone is fascinated with the human person, their voices, their faces, their breath and their silent gaze. Indeed, the human face is a mysterious site, etched with a beauty and dignity that beckons portrayal. His large-scale charcoal portraits combine the ideals of classical realism with the sensibilities of post-internet and post-photographic aesthetics. The monumental scaling of these faces, rendered manually by hand, exudes a sense of beguiling tactility and dexterity that fixes the viewer’s gaze. Unlike the multitude of faces constantly crowding our digital screens, he wants to create portraits with a solidity that cannot simply be dismissed and ‘swiped’ away. The sheer scale of these works demands a certain reverence from its viewers, a visual and embodied experience that begs the viewer to pause and to listen. In a frenetic world driven by constant meetings, deadlines and online notifications, these portraits call the viewer to stop and behold the face of the Other; a call towards human reciprocality, begging the onlooker: ‘Look at me. I am here. I am waiting’.

Artist Simon Van Parys


A Belgian artist active in the city of Ghent, Belgium. Simon work is forged in a composite of traditional and futuristic techniques, in an attempt to form an image of an unfurling present. This is a place where the analogue world meets its digital counterpart, resulting in pieces with a theme of progression and acceleration. It is also a reconciliation of the abstract and the elemental, a hand-made injection to a virtual dynamic.

Simon practice is heavily influenced by heavy machinery and techno music and has evolved over the last decade from a commitment to handcrafted statues, to a juxtaposition of several artistic forms. This process began by using photography to make 2D representations of my 3D creations, a dimensional shift allowing the contrapuntal application of alternative means of production. Simon works aim to be a complete experience of the vibrant forms he wish to express. Simon augment his primary medium of sculpture with cutting-edge plastics and 3D techniques, drawing my influences through into paintings, graphic design and electronic music.