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About Artist:

Aurelie “Lily” Crisetig (b. 1992, Switzerland) is a Swiss photographer and visual artist. She uses photography as a tool to explore the alteration of human memory in a world overwhelmed by digital entities. Working both with film and digital photography, her works reflect on the constant use of mechanical recordings, especially in public space and cultural places.


Artist Statement:

‘I never promised you a rose garden’ depicts the duality of Hong Kong skyscrapers’ garden over vegetation. Nature in Hong Kong is undeniably a powerful, striking figure that cannot be unnoticed. The greenery offers a vivid contrast with the stifling ubiquity of architectural elements planted on every buildable area. The fragile, delicate beauty of flowers clashing with the oppressive towers of steel gives to the city a contradictory feeling. However, despite industrial domination, nature is constantly fighting over concrete. No matter where you stand, the subtle yet manifest presence of forest, trees, plants or flowers make the vision of cement more bearable. Captured with expired films, the pastel, faded colours of photographs emphasise the mix between human constructions and natural environment.

“我從沒向你承諾過一個玫瑰園”,描繪了香港的摩天大廈式花園與植被的二元性。無可否認,對於香港,大自然有著重要的地位並且不容忽視;建築加入種植元素是隨處可見的,綠色植物在建築區域內形成了鮮明的對比。 柔弱、細膩的花朵與壓迫的鋼鐵大廈對立,給這城市帶來一種矛盾感。然而,儘管工業主導,大自然仍不斷與混凝土搏鬥。 無論你站在哪裡; 森林、樹木、植物或花朵的微妙而觸目的存在,加添了水泥的觀賞度。運用過期的菲菻拍攝,產生柔和與褪色的照片色調,特顯了人工建築與自然環境的混合。

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