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Abigail Clemens – San Francisco, US – Abigail is an interdisciplinary artist, Influenced by the fleetingness of everyday life, as well as her interracial upbringing, her work is a meditation on the intersectionality of race, ethnicity, and nationality. Hong Kong is a vast place with people constantly coming and going, evolving and remembering, and eating and drinking. As such, the culinary landscape of Hong Kong is migrant and resilient. The multicultural creation and consumption of food reflects her own family’s history of immigrating to the United States, and her painting installation with the TongLau Space encapsulates cultural preservation and family.


Howard C Willis JR. – Columbus Ga. US – Howard is an art educator who is finishing his masters of art education at Columbus State University.  Howard’s work in Hong Kong is a response to his own perspective of how he views the city. To him, Hong Kong is a city that has blended western aesthetics with Chinese sensibilities and the result is a diverse, multicultural environment brimming with activity. The rice paper and Chinese ink that he uses reflects the Chinese sensibilities often seen in traditional Chinese artwork, but he uses the visual aesthetics of western-born civilizations: cars, cellphones, skyscrapers, and suits. By blending two very different mediums and combining them together, his goal is to create a fresh perspective that is found in Hong Kong.

Howard是一位藝術教育家,正在哥倫布州立大學完成藝術教育碩士學位。 Howard在香港的創作是回應他對這城市的看法。對他來說,香港是一個融合了西方美學與中國情感的城市,一個充滿活力多元文化的環境。他使用宣紙和中國水墨反映了中國傳統藝術品中常見的中國情感,亦運用了西方的視覺美學,如汽車、手機、摩天大樓和西裝等主題。通過混合兩種截然不同的媒介並將它們組合在一起,目的是創造一種他在香港發現的新視角。

Frida Ge – Chinese, Melbourne-based  –  Frida is an emerging contemporary painter. After Ge received her bachelor degree in Architecture, she recently completed MFA at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. By observing in everyday social situations, Ge tries to capture the fleeting and ambiguous nature of the interactions within her unique expressive visual style. Rather than representing the reality, her work emphasizes emotions and highly subjective perceptions by painterly abstraction and expressive brush marks.

葛琴心 畢業於澳洲墨爾本RMIT大學之MFA課程,現工作及生活於墨爾本。葛氏運用繪畫來捕捉日常社交生活中人們的連接、隔絕以及含糊不清的感受;通過具有表現力的筆觸和色彩,為觀者提供藝術家自身在人際互動中的情緒體驗。在本次駐留藝術項目中,葛氏嘗試運用不同的色彩及表現方式,繼續探索並完善個人的繪畫風格。