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TongLau Space is an Artist Run association set up in 2018, to bring lively AIR program to Hong Kong and to create more choices and opportunities for artists from overseas.
AIR program in HK are mainly held by institutions, museums and art centres by invitation.  Limited space and high rent alway are issues in Hong Kong, it is hard to provide housing, workshop and exhibition space for short term overseas artist by art association and independence artist studio. However, we strongly believe that AIR program is not only good for Hong Kong, but also good for artist around the world.  We would like to try to create more opportunities for artist who are passionate in art,  cultural exchange and interested in exploring the culture of Hong Kong and making new art in Hong Kong. We welcome different status artists to join our program, such as experienced artists, fresh artists or art students from overseas.

Objectives of Residency Program

To promote contemporary art in all its diverse forms within an international context, to stimulate creativity through direct contact with urban and the city of Hong Kong, to set up an exchange of ideas in contemporary art with local as well as international artists within various disciplines of contemporary art practice, artist talks, studio discussion, visit local artist studio, movie night and Hong Kong cultural exploration etc…


Each artist will have the opportunity to develop his/her project within a number of different artistic fields:
Visual Arts painting, drawing, photography, installation art, sculpture, new media, ceramics, glass, design etc.

All artists have the chance to show and promote their work in the program.It can help organize the end exhibition and opening reception, as well as publicizing to the public.

The program include artist talks, studio discussion – in groups and one to one – social events and professional development. Central to the program is a focus on working as an artist in Hong Kong, a city which offers opportunities to investigate multidisciplinary practice and to visit public arts institutions, commercial galleries and artist-run spaces. Each participating artist will shape their own experience, striking a personal balance between independent studio time and the program.

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