cropped-tlfb1.jpgTongLau Space  is an Artist Run association,  provides opportunities for motivated local and overseas artists to create and show case their works, create workshop for sharing skill and exchange through art.  We expect more and wait for you to make them happen!

Tong Lau which mean an old architectural residence building in Hong Kong. The reason of TongLau Space set up in a residential building,  we believe history, life and art can not be separated. We create a relax and comfort living + studio workshop + artist in residency + exhibition+ sharing space not only for artist to stay and live but also for enhancing art and cultural exchange and sharing of ideas in contemporary art.


“唐樓” 是一所藝術家創辦的藝術協會,一個提供本地和海外對藝術有興趣的人士,創作和展示作品的平台,透過藝術創作及藝術工作坊,交流藝術心得。期待你的參與, 讓這個藝術與生活結合的空間變得更豐富!

“唐樓” 設置於一所50年代的住宅式唐樓之內,我們相信歷史、生活與藝術是不能分割的。我們創造一個舒式的生活與創作空間,希望推動藝術與文化的交流,對當代藝術進行分享;故此唐樓更設有工作坊+展覽場地+藝術家駐留計劃+分享空間等。

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